North Shore Productions for U.S. Forest Service
Tongass National Forest (in production), Two films about the geology,
culture, and bio-diversity of southeast Alaska for National Forest visitor
centers in Juneau and Ketchikan.
Whitman National Historic Site (in production): A short film about the
conflict between missionaries and the native people of SE Washington.
QUEST (2009), Climate Watch: Unlocking the Grid. Emmy-nominated
half-hour special for award-winning PBS science, environment and
nature series. Program segments: Mercury in the Bay and The
Science of Taste.
Mill Valley Film Group
Mustang: Journey of Transformation (2008), Award-winning half-hour
documentary on the restoration of Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries.
National broadcast on PBS, screened at international film festivals
including Tribeca, Aspen Shortfest, Banff Mountain, Ashland, and
Telluride Mountain.
Burton Goldberg Productions
Greed: Robbing America’s Health (2008), Feature documentary on the
relationship between corporations and government and the subsequent
impact on public health.
Indigo Films
Mark Twain: Adventures in the Holy Land (2008), One-hour documentary
based on Twain’s travels through Europe and Palestine.
Senior Writer
Edelman Productions for The History Channel
Man Moment Machine (2005-2006), Script supervisor and writer on
award-winning series of 27 one-hour documentaries combining
biography, historical event, and technology.
Indigo Films for The History Channel
Crucifixion (2007), Two-hour special on history of crucifixions.
Secret Soldiers of the Civil War (2006), One-hour special on women
who fought in the Civil War.
USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom (2005-2006), Two-hour special
on illegal African slave trade.
Warrior Queen Boudica (2005), Two-hour special on 1st century Celtic
Queen who fought the Romans.
Tripoli: America’s First War Overseas (2004), Emmy nominated one-
hour special on the Barbary Wars. Winner Cine Golden Eagle.
Indigo Films for The History Channel
Operation Reunion (2003), Three one-hours on reunions between combat
Indigo Films for The Travel Channel
Inside Fort Knox (2003). 3-2-1 Vegas (2002).
America's Most Haunted Places (2002), Three 1-hours.
Michael Hoff Productions
for Discovery Channel
Instant Millionaires (2001).       Mardi Gras (2000).
Beneath Alcatraz (2000).
Senior Producer/Director
Michael Hoff Productions
for Discovery and Learning Channel
Disaster Detectives: Earth; Wind; Fire; Water: (1999), Four 1-hours,
the technology of preventing natural disasters.
Supersleuths (1999), contemporary detective cases.
Public Enemies on The Rock (1998).
BreakOut!: Fortress Escapes, POW Escapes, and Island Escapes,
Three hours on famous escapes.
The Guillotine (1997); history of the guillotine from medieval times
through World War II.
Deadly Duels: Duels of Chivalry, Duels of Honor, Dueling In The New
(1996), Three hour series.


Master of Arts
Broadcast Communication Arts
San Francisco State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor