Mustang-Journey of Transformation
Narrated by Richard Gere, Mustang - Journey of Transformation tells the remarkable story of a 15th century Tibetan culture pulled back from the brink of extinction through the restoration of its most sacred sites. Featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the film is a tale of hope and rebirth told by the people who helped save this Forbidden Kingdom.
Mustang-Journey of Transformation screened at film festivals worldwide and on PBS nationally. It received several awards including:

 -Best Film On Mountain Culture, Taos Mountain Film Festival
 -Best Documentary, Sundial Film Festival
 -Special Jury Award, Documentary EcoVision Palermo, Sicily
 -Audience Award, World Cinema Short Maui Film Festival

Writer: Sarah Kass:     Produced by: Mill Valley Film Group

Climate Watch: Unlocking the Grid
With the race on to reduce global warming and fossil fuel dependency, experts in alternative energy see a bright future
for renewable resources like wind, solar, hydro-power and geothermal energy. But getting that clean, green energy onto the power grid is a daunting and expensive task. In this half-hour special QUEST, KQED's award winning science series, teams up with public radio's Climate Watch to look at the challenges facing California's electrical future.

Climate Watch: Unlocking the Grid was nominated for a
Northern California Emmy Award
Writer, Producer, Director: Sarah Kass
Produced by: QUEST/KQED

USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom
The brutal transatlantic slave trade was long condemned for
its inhumanity, but powerful economic forces promoted and supported the African slave trade long after it was made illegal in 1805. More than fifty years later, as the nation was on the verge of civil war, the US Navy's African Squadron finally received a mandate to step up their efforts to capture slave smugglers. USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom, a two-hour History Channel special, tells the powerful story of the slave trade and the horrific "Middle Passage" as the Constellation goes in pursuit of the Cora, an illegal carrier attempting to transport over 700 Africans to the United States. 

USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom was a Black History Month Special Presentation and is part of the History Channel Classroom curriculum.

Writer: Sarah Kass
Produced by: Indigo Films for The History Channel

Tripoli: America's First War Overseas
Tripoli: America's First War Overseas, a 60-minute History Channel special, tells the story of William Eaton, an American diplomat turned self-appointed general, as he assembles a ragtag army of just eight U.S. Marines and almost 700 Greek, Arab, and European mercenaries then marches them 500 miles across the Sahara Desert to attack the Tripolitan city of Derne. 

Tripoli: America's First War Overseas was nominated for a national Emmy and won a Cine Golden Eagle Award.

Writer: Sarah Kass
Produced by: Indigo Films for The History Channel

Mercury In The Bay
Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that's been flowing into the San Francisco Bay since the mining days of the Gold Rush Era. The heavy metal has settled in the Bay's mud and made its way up the food chain, endangering wildlife and making many fish unsafe to eat. Mercury in the Bay, a segment for QUEST, explores the history and the impact of mercury on animals and humans and what's being done to heal our environment.

Writer, Producer, Director: Sarah Kass
Produced by: QUEST/KQED

Man Moment Machine
This 27-hour History Channel series tells stories around the convergence of an individual, a landmark historic event and a transformative technological innovation. The series explored stories across the scientific, cultural, and political spectrum,
from Galileo's invention of the telescope during the inquisition,
to Oppenheimer's invention of the Atom Bomb during WWII, to Saddam Hussein's development and use of poison gas during
the Iran-Iraq war.

Senior Writer: Sarah Kass
Produced by: Edelman Production for The History Channel

Operation Reunion
Operation Reunion, a three part History Channel series, tells
the moving stories of combat veterans, whose only link to the soldiers they served with are profound memories and the deep desire to reunite. But finding fellow veterans from wars long
past can be difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. Using archival footage, dramatic recreations, interviews with soldiers, and the work of private investigators to help locate missing soldiers, Operation Reunion reunites combat veterans who are seeking closure from the trauma of war.

Writer, Producer, Director: Sarah Kass
Produced by: Indigo Films for The History Channel

The Science of Taste
Did you know that about 95 percent of what we think is taste is actually smell? Or that the way we perceive flavor comes from
a complex relationship between our senses, emotions and memories? As scientists decode how our taste and olfactory receptors work, top California chefs are taking that knowledge and creating alchemy in the kitchen.

Writer, Producer, Director: Sarah Kass
Produced by: QUEST/KQED